GOOD and BAD examples of marketing inquiries to SFK Inc.

When you choose the “I am trying to sell you a product or service” option on our contact form, you must reveal precisely how your product/service will benefit us.

“Precisely,” means that you know the specifics of the niche services we offer and do not generalize your pitch for an entire industry.

We are not interested in generic or industry-wide software, applications, or services.

Consider saving the few seconds spent pasting your inquiry if you use the following terms without relative and specific context:

  • “Transportation”
  • “Logistics”
  • “Supply Chain”
  • “SEO”
  • “Lead Gen”

We receive many inquiries regarding these “buzzwords,” and our system will ignore them. Consider this a fair warning.

The examples below serve as a rough guide for anyone choosing to sell us a product or service directly or through our contact page. If you choose to ignore these guidelines, our filters will likely delete your message before our server has a chance to receive it.


During this viral world wide outbreak each countries economies have been put on halt! This is the most important time to receive website visitors!

Why is your website – not featured on Google’s first page for most of your keywords?

You are missing about 50,000+ monthly impressions that could convert into visitors and future clients. Now that most people are at home constantly researching it’s the best time to indexed for high search volume keywords.

My name is FIRST NAME, I work for an SEO/Web Design company called COMPANY we are based out of NYC. After every country heals its people, the global economy will have a huge re-surgeance of consumers and you will want to be on top!

We help websites like yours with super low rankings receive proper rankings within 35 days or less!. I would like to send you a full website analytical SEO Audit ($250 VALUE) free of charge, I think it’s important you see the value we can bring you.

Please reply and let us know if you would like to see what we are all about visit us at WEBSITE our SEO packages are extremely affordable. Goodluck and godlbess you and your loved ones.

Best Regards,

Why it’s BAD: Everyone with a fair amount of internet knowledge can become an “SEO expert.” The real ones that shine (and those with whom we would consider working) are the ones who can Google their first and last name ONLY and be the first result. If this is not you, we can do our own SEO.


We do custom software development and have executed sizable projects in Logistics & SCM domain. We are a CMMI level-3 and Microsoft Gold partner company with 810+ IT professionals . I would be in LA on 4th and 5th of April. In case you are looking for any IT solutions, I would be happy to come and meet you as per your convenient time.

Why it’s BAD:  Your credentials and awards don’t mean much to us if they do not highlight how, specifically, they will benefit us. “Logistics” and “SCM” are such broad terms in the industry, that by using them as a keyword, you have conclusively shown that you have not done your research on our company.


COMPANY is full-stack software development company with extensive experience in Supply Chain and Warehousing domains. Recently we’ve finished the project, SaaS platform for our EU client, who provides Transportation services. Here are some achievements that we made:

  •  Increased picking and shipping accuracy up to 95%.
  • Reduced transportation costs up to 30% for inbound, outbound and inter-facility moves.
  •  Optimized to 80% increases in transportation operational efficiency.
  •  Improved Geolocation/tracking functionality.

COMPANY is a reliable partner for many clients over the world because of high-quality services with reasonable cost. Just let us a chance. With us, you’ll save time, money and nerve. Have a great day and looking forward to your reply soon.

Why it’s BAD: While the bullet points are excellent specifics, they also highlight how this seller knows nothing about our company. We do not ship products, and we do not transport cargo (our clients do). This seller is trying to sell us a service that we, very likely, are much better at than they are (we build custom applications for our clients.) Please do your research on us before you try to sell us anything “revolutionary” or “game-changing.”


Hello there, I am FIRST NAME with COMPANY, and we offer contracted O&G loss control services for clients who may want to explore business opportunities in REGION but do not have the capital to do so.

I have noticed that SFK works with global partners in regions it does not directly service, do you currently have any partners in REGION NAME of COUNTRY?

COMPANY has been a reliable expert in O&G commodities shipped from REGION and we regularly do contract work with regional surveying and consulting firms whose clients may need services outside of their operating regions. We use BIGNAME SOFTWARE for the general analyses and we have built several custom addons for it to cater to specific needs. We also built SELF APPLICATION for our clients to see activities and raw data in real-time. You can check out a demo at OURWEBSITE.COM/PAGE

I have a handful of example reports with sensitive information redacted. If you would like, I can forward you these reports to see how we can modify them to fit your company style and the specific needs of your clients.

Looking forward to hearing from you if our goals align.

Why it’s GOOD: This person did their research and specifically knew that we offer loss control services for O&G clients in our home region. More importantly, they understood that many of our clients in this industry need similar services at different global locations. They knew this because they are experts in one of our service categories, and they understand the dynamic and niche needs of this industry.



My name is FIRST NAME LAST NAME and I have been an agricultural QC specialist for over 20 years, working at various warehouses in the Seattle, WA area. After I retired in YEAR, I opened a small laboratory, LAB NAME, servicing the need for bio-analysis in Agri products.

For most my career, I had worked primarily with products from container vessels transporting reefer containers, specifically with Agri products from South America, so I know the common problems that occur with commodities from this region (PROBLEM1, PROBLEM2, etc.)

LAB NAME now services clients all over the US. We have an expansive network of shipping partners and can offer overnight analysis from most areas in the US. I know SFK Inc is in Southern California, our lab is in REGION, US WEST and FedEx can typically deliver samples the next morning from your area. We can have the results for you a few hours after we receive your sample.

I had noticed that COMPETITOR LAB is the closest one to you, so I am assuming you use them for a quick turnaround. I can offer competitive pricing to alleviate the added shipping costs and can guarantee results in a similar time frame.

If this is something SFK Inc. would be interested in pursuing, please do not hesitate to contact me, we can perform all the Agri related testing I had read on your Lab services page.

Why it’s GOOD: This person understood our needs, in a distinct category, to efficiently service Agri clients. They offered us the opportunity to vertically integrate services from our client’s point of view. They knew this because they learned that we work with partner labs and, as such, knew we were not always likely to capture the full scope of needs for each client. They also did their research on which of their competitors we were likely to use for the quickest turnaround. Finally, they knew the specific tests we needed and confirmed they could do them all.

A final note

Both of the “Good Examples” above have been from individuals with whom we now regularly do business. What made them stand out was their foresight for our (and our client’s) needs, and they were able to forge a lasting partnership by pitching a clear and specific business relationship.

We made this page because we have recently been receiving many more marketing inquiries for services and products we have no interest in using.

This page is not meant to snub you or your company. We are sure many of the products and services you are offering are a great fit for a company that would specifically benefit from using them.

We haven’t mentioned grammar or spelling in marketing inquiries, but they are important. We understand that English may not be the first language of many individuals, so trivial mistakes and minor errors are not an issue; we will recognize the talent or benefit if it exists. However, any inquiry full of conventional writing errors is a clear sign that we need to stay away.

Please use this page as a guide, and please try to understand the specifics our services offer, along with the needs of our clients. Any decent marketer should be able to glean our needs from the information on this site. We do not want to waste your time, nor you ours.

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