VCF / CTL Calculator

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Volume Correction Factor (VCF) – The Correction for the effect of Temperature on Liquid (CTL)

CTL, commonly referred to as VCF, is a standardized computed factor used to correct for the thermal expansion of liquids, primarily, liquid hydrocarbons. The CTL/VCF is typically a number between 0 and 2, rounded to 5 decimal places, which when multiplied by the observed volume of a liquid, will return the corrected value to a standardized base temperature and density. As such, the CTL/VCF value is computed using the observed temperature and density of a liquid.

Using the calculator below, enter the Temperature in degrees Fahrenheit ( °F ), and the Density in Degrees API. These two numbers will be computed with the coefficient of thermal expansion at 60°F (α₆₀) based on the selected commodity and return the CTL/VCF Value.

Traditionally, CTL/VCF values are found in books/tables provided by the American Petroleum Institute, matching the temperature and density to find the CTL/VCF values. Such methods are often time-consuming and tedious. The calculator below omits the tables and computes the required values for you. Because the calculations are based on exact numbers, coefficients, and constants, there may be a variance of up to 0.00002 between the computed values below and those found in the traditional tables. Such a variance only amounts to ±2 units for every 100,000 units of volume or 0.002% (2/1000ths of 1%).