Commodities and Agriculture

Arguably one of the worlds most important industries, SKK Marine understands the importance of assuring quality and consumer confidence through every step of the process. Our services can be used as stand-alone or integrated, to assist you in every step of the food supply chain. We offer a dynamic and comprehensive range of services for the agriculture industry. Some of the services we offer include:

Inspection Services & Quality Control (QC)
Globalization paired with rapid advancements in technology has created a complex and dynamic supply chain for the food industry. With each process there lies an increase in risk factors which can negatively influence the product before it reaches the consumer. Our team studies each commodity extensively prior to each assignment using a variety of resources from academic journals to industry-specific field reports. Our services will help you stay ahead of the curve, reducing risks that can damage profits and brand integrity. We work with everyone from global suppliers to insurance agencies, please contact us to find a solution that would best fit your needs.

Testing and Analysis
To ensure compliance with food safety regulations, testing any consumer food commodity is a must not only to ensure public health, but also to protect the integral notion of efficient and safe food production. We partner with certified laboratories all over the country to ensure all quality and specs are met. Please contact us to learn more about this service.

Damage assessment and claims inspections
With mass movement in any supply chain, damage is an inevitable part of the process. One of the biggest headaches in agriculture distribution is assessing damage claims, and finding the responsible party. Whether you are a supplier or purchaser, our damage assessment and claims service will help you with conducting an impartial inspection regarding quality, quantity, packaging, specification, and more. Furthermore, we can act as your witness and representative regarding claims when needed.