Port Maps

The Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach are the two largest ports in the US by volume. Combined, they account for one-third of the import TEUs for the United States. As such, getting around the port can be difficult, especially to outsiders who are not familiar with some of the discreet locations and rather nuanced directions required to go to a specific terminal or berth.

Below we have created a custom Google map which can ease navigation when not given a specific address, rather simply, a berth number. It’s important to keep in mind some berth numbers overlap between the two ports, so be sure to confirm both terminal and berth prior to making your way down.

For ease of navigation, the Port of Long Beach berths can be located via the blue dots on the map. The terminals are segmented by color. The port of Los Angeles berths are listed as a range followed by the terminal name.

Port of Long Beach Terminal and Berth Map

Please note we offer these maps as a reference only. We make no guarantee to the accuracy of the labels on this map. As such, by viewing this map, you agree to use it “as is” and not hold us responsible for any negative operational or financial consequences that may result from errors on this map. We welcome all corrections and will update them accordingly. If you would like to suggest an edit, please contact us. If you would like to share this map, please do so by linking our URL “https://sfkcorp.com/port-maps/” rather than embedding it on your site. Our team put a lot of work into creating these maps and offer them free for public use. All we ask is that you link back to our URL so we receive the traffic/ revenue for providing this map.