Logistics & Supply Chain


Advancements in globalization and an increasing global population mean demand for logistics and supply chain management is at an all-time high. SFK Security Consultants (SFK SecCon) will help you find innovative and dynamic solutions to help develop and expand your business. We find ways to make your processes work efficiently, fluently, and more profitably.

Advisory Services
SFK SecCon can identify critical improvements and operational efficiencies explicitly tailored to your business landscape. Constituting our primary business, our advisory arm works with a wide variety of companies from many industries including transportation, oil & gas, and logistics. We analyze physical and monetary metrics focusing on sourcing, data analytics, and inventory/category management.

Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)
With fewer companies vertically integrating all aspects of their supply chain, risk exposure has increased significantly in modern times. SFK SecCon can reduce supply-chain vulnerability via a coordinated, holistic approach involving all stakeholders. Our consultants can identify critical areas of risk and analyze specific points of failure (real or potential) in your supply chain by identifying, assessing, controlling, and monitoring such risks. We take a cause-oriented approach and focus on supply chain resilience, so you can be sure your company will bounce back from any risk, irrespective of its cause.

Supply Chain Security Management Training
Knowledge and proper training will always be the first step towards risk mitigation. SFK SecCon can provide your company with security management training based on ISO 28000:2007, an international standardized specification on security management system requirements. Our training can help you examine and control your organization’s risks and vulnerabilities at all stages of the supply chain. Our training sessions primarily focus on lectures and team exercises. Please contact us to learn more or to schedule a training session for your company.