Both SKK Marine and SFK Security Consultants work closely in matters related to insurance and claims. Most industries are susceptible to risk in some capacity, however, the risk increases significantly for transportation, shipping, and logistics. We offer a variety of services to help you with handling insurance-related problems, from damage assessment to acting as your expert witness.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation
For insurance agencies, suppliers, and receivers, we offer comprehensive risk assessment reports outlining potential risk which may occur throughout the movement of the product or commodity. We use analytical models based on historical evidence, paired with predictive analytics to offer you the most in-depth report regarding various threats which can inevitably occur throughout the supply chain.

Damage Assessment
Valuable cargo is frequently at risk as it moves throughout the supply chain. When cargo is damaged, it is crucial to identify the root cause of the damaged cargo and subsequent loss. We offer an extensive range of damage assessment surveys to not only to ensure your product reaches its destination safely, but also to identify point sources of damage for clients in order to mitigate such effects in the future. We also provide comprehensive reports detailing any damage found, with the most probable cause. Contact us to learn more about our damage assessment service.

Expert Witness, Representation, and Testimony
When significant damage has occurred to a shipment or parcel, understanding the intricacies of movement and threat probabilities is key to ensuring you are not liable for the damages. We offer a range of expert witness and testimony options to share our knowledge during legal proceedings. Additionally, we can act as your representative with such issues on your behalf. Contact us to learn more.

Claims Inspection
With mass movement in any supply chain, damage is an inevitable part of the process. One of the biggest headaches in any industry is assessing damage claims, and finding the responsible party. Whether you are a supplier or purchaser, our damage assessment and claims service will help you with conducting an impartial inspection regarding quality, quantity, packaging, specification, and more. Furthermore, we can act as your witness and representative regarding claims when needed.