Bunker Stats: Are you getting the most out of your fuel purchase?

The decision to skip a bunker quantity survey (BQS) in US bunkering assumes regulatory safeguards, yet overlooked factors like temperature changes and subjective practices can lead to significant variances. SKK Marine Surveyors’ data demonstrates substantial cost savings, emphasizing the value of BQS in mitigating bunker fuel loss and ensuring accuracy.

Fair trade or a trade fare?

The debate surrounding Starbucks’ sourcing of Ethiopian coffee beans highlights the complexities of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and fair trade. Oxfam’s accusation of Starbucks depriving Ethiopian farmers of millions annually sparked controversy. While Starbucks argues it pays premium prices, issues with fair trade implementation and regulatory complexities persist.

Global supply chain strategy: When to outsource

Kevin Leung explores the decision-making process of firms considering outsourcing procurement, production, and logistics to increase profitability. Using Li & Fung as a case study, he discusses the impact on costs, responsiveness, risk, and strategy, highlighting the benefits of leveraging a global supply chain manager for various aspects of the business.